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Home Cleaning Services With Precision

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Precision = Peace of Mind

Our clients receive peace of mind. When we deliver home cleaning services, they know their home is being catered to. They know that every effort has been made to clean and maintain their home with great attention to detail.

Sarasota Private Home Cleaning has established a checkpoint system to guarantee that all of your personal preferences are performed each time we clean your home.

To go above and beyond typical home cleaning services, we make sure to always deliver a consistent set of base cleanings, plus the additional checkpoints you have determined in the Personalization step. To top it off, we verify each cleaning with the following performance checklist:

Home Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Find out for yourself how Sarasota Private Home Cleaning has been serving our residents with focus on Privacy, Personalization, & Precision and schedule your cleaning with us today!

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  • Your preferences and profile are safeguarded
  • We assign one crew to maintain your home
  • Our vehicles are not advertising billboards

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  • Your choice of services on each visit
  • Customized Cleaning to fit your needs
  • Additional Services based on your selections

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    Gary Horn
    Gary HornClient Since: December 2011
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    “Terrific cleaners, totally trustworthy, especially good at spring cleaning and deep clean projects. Owner very professional for all 5 yrs of service.”
    Dennis Maiotti
    Dennis MaiottiClient Since: January 2012
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    “Genoveva and her team have been cleaning our home for several years, and we have found them to be dependable, trustworthy and very accommodating when it comes to scheduling.”
    Breda Quirke
    Breda QuirkeClient Since: July 2015
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    “I would highly recommend Private Home Cleaning to clean your home. The owner has a very professional approach in establishing your cleaning needs. She and her team are very experienced hard working reliable and above all trustworthy. Their rates are very fair and competitive.”
    Kristen Horler
    Kristen HorlerClient Since: September 2014
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    “I always look forward to our home cleanings from Private Home Cleaning! The staff is professional and friendly and they do an exceptional job every time!”
    Barbara McDonald
    Barbara McDonaldHomeowner
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    “The girls do a great job and are very dependable. I have been using this service at least eight years or more.”
    Laura Di Bella
    Laura Di BellaClient Since: December 2005
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    “Of course 5 stars. PHC has been professional, dependable, thorough and I wouldn’t have anyone else. If you are not using them, you should certainly try. You will be pleased that you did.”
    Kriscie Fralin
    Kriscie FralinClient Since: September 2011
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    “Genoveva has been cleaning my house for years! My house is always spotless when we come home…her girls are so friendly and trustworthy. She is very accommodating as well which is very important to our family. I give her company 5 stars.”
    Michelle Halbreich
    Michelle HalbreichClient Since: October 2013
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    “I have really enjoyed Genoveva and her crew. Highly professional, very thorough, and a pleasure to have in my home.”