Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans

Have you turned off the ceiling fan over your bed lately to see how dirty it is?

While your fan is on and circulating, it is impossible to detect whether it is clean or dirty.

You may have a lot of accumulated dust that you can’t see unless you turn off your fan and take a closer look. We find that many customers we have go weeks or months without turning off their ceiling fans, leaving dirty fans unnoticed and with much accumulated dust circulating above their beds and living room areas.

Unchecked dirty fan issues can begin to cause respiratory problems, especially for people who already have sinus sensitivities or allergies.

We would recommend that you clean your ceiling fans once a week by dusting it, wiping it with a soft cleaning cloth with a gentle cleaning product, and drying it before turning it back on. This will prevent from dust beginning to accumulate immediately after it is cleaned.

You may want to get that taken care of, or you may experience respiratory issues from sleeping with a clump of dirt “raining” over your head at night—YUCK!!

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