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Dakota: Genoveva and Raul's Dog

Cleaning Homes With Pets

Dogs and cats can improve our lives by being there for us after a long, hard day. They are there to greet us, to listen to us, and to give us undivided attention. They wake up with us in the morning and go to sleep with us at night. They’re family!


Cleaning Homes in Country Clubs

Every country club community in Sarasota is different, and each of them will carry out its own set of guidelines. For that reason, when we are cleaning homes in country clubs, our administrative team spends the time needed to find out what the guidelines of your country club community are, and communicates with our home cleaning crews these guidelines so that we are never in breach of your country club community’s policies.


Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans

While your fan is on and circulating, it is impossible to detect whether it is clean or dirty. You may have a lot of accumulated dust that you can’t see unless you turn off your fan and take a closer look. We find that many customers we have go weeks or months without turning off their ceiling fans, leaving dirty fans unnoticed and with much accumulated dust circulating above their beds and living room areas.


Start Cleaning from the Kitchen Sink

Make the sink your starting point: clean everything that is in your sink first—whether you’re loading up the dishwasher or washing everything by hand. Then, pick only ONE direction and move in that direction and all the way around your kitchen until finished.


Kitchen Counters Cleaning Tip

To lift up the mess left behind from Saturday’s pizza dough or Sunday’s pancake batter that is now dried up like a stone, use the scrub pad side of a Scotch-Brite sponge. You can save many paper towels and a lot of frustration by the simple swipe of a sponge, with the scrub side down.

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