At Sarasota Private Home Cleaning, we understand the additional care and responsibility that comes with owning a pet. We make sure your pets are safe, handled with care, and get the attention they deserve as a member of your family. In addition, we make sure that your flooring, furniture, and fans are given an extra attention when furry friends are present.

As we become part of your family, we begin to understand your pet’s needs and most commonly used areas. This gives us a good idea on where we should put in the extra time during our cleaning to ensure you and your firry friend are always comfortable and clean.  Our crew also becomes knowledgeable of your pet’s play areas, as well as toys. This gives us hints as to where we may place their toys, beds, and belongings, while removing your personal items from their “playing grounds.”

We are also very careful when cleaning homes with pets to make sure no one escapes the home unattended or gets locked into an area unintentionally. Private Home Cleaning understands how important it is that your pet has access to their litter boxes, or outdoor “doggy-doors.” So we make sure to always check that these access areas are not blocked by anything before we make our way out of your home.

All cleaning products we use are safe for your pets and your family. We use environmentally safe products which are very effective in cleaning and leave your home smelling great!