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Precision = Peace of Mind

Our clients receive peace of mind. When we deliver home cleaning services, they know their home is being catered to. They know that every effort has been made to clean and maintain their home with a great attention to detail.

Sarasota Private Home Cleaning has established a checkpoint system to guarantee that all of your personal preferences are performed each time we clean your home.

To go above and beyond typical home cleaning services, we make sure to always deliver a consistent set of base cleanings, plus the additional checkpoints you have determined in the Personalization step. To top it off, we verify each cleaning with the following performance checklist:

  • All floors are vacuumed and mopped on each visit.
  • All carpet areas and rugs are vacuumed. When possible, rugs are lifted and the areas beneath the rugs are also vacuumed and mopped.
  • Bathtubs and bathroom showers are scrubbed and cleaned. All bathroom counters are wiped and all toilets, bidets, and surrounding areas are cleaned and sanitized.
  • At your selection, bedding can be removed and placed in the washer and new bedding can be placed in all beds.
  • All house is dusted and all counters are wiped and organized.
  • Baseboards are cleaned on a regular basis and always inspected against dirt.
  • Blinds are wiped on a regular basis and always inspected against dirt.
  • Windows framing and glass interior are cleaned on each visit.
  • Ceiling fans and air conditioning vents are always inspected against accumulation of dirt and are always kept clean.
  • All appliances are dusted/wiped. Microwaves, fridges, and other kitchen appliances are maintained clean and sanitized.
  • Dishes are cleaned and put away on each visit. Kitchen counters are cleaned and sanitized.
  • All furniture is dusted and wiped on each visit. Pets fur and hairs are removed.
  • At your preference, other services such as cleaning of lanais and outdoor areas, laundry services, and detailed cleaning of specific environments may also be performed.

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